Dogs, cats found abandoned in trashed home in Fort Kent

By Jen Lynds, BDN Staff

FORT KENT — Police in Fort Kent are investigating a case in which a number of animals were abandoned for more than a week in a rental home littered with urine, feces, cigarette butts, empty milk jugs and other trash.

Sgt. Dalen Boucher of the Fort Kent Police Department said Friday that the investigation started on Thursday, Dec. 24, as a loose dog case. Officer Spencer Nadeau found a dog running loose outside 68 South Perley Brook Road and tried to bring it back to the residence. That is when he came upon the mess inside, along with four other abandoned dogs and several cats.

“There is trash from top to bottom,” said Wayne Vaughan, landlord and owner of the property. The tenants “left those animals in there for more than a week, unattended, with no food or water. It was unbelievable.”


Sgt. Boucher said police took the dogs — which included one cocker spaniel, one cocker spaniel/beagle mix, one Havanese, and two chihuahuas — to the Central Aroostook Humane Society in Presque Isle. The cats were taken to PAWS Animal Welfare Society Inc. in Fort Kent.

Betsy Hallett, executive director of the Presque Isle facility, was saddened to see the condition the dogs were in.

“They were all just full of mats,” she said. “The cocker spaniel was especially just plastered with them. She was also just saturated in urine and feces.”

Hallett said the cocker spaniel also has a condition called cherry eye, a disease sometimes seen in young dogs that can cause inflammation, swelling or infection.

Another dog has an ear infection, and a third has a tumor on its chest. Hallett is not sure if it is cancerous. Another will need extensive, expensive dental work before it will be eligible for adoption. In response to a question about the impact on the small shelter’s budget, Hallett agreed that it weighed on her mind.

“These are sweet dogs,” she said. “They are scared, but they are sweet. But of course this is going to tax our budget. When you have five dogs come in that are so sick like this and need a lot of care before you can place them up for adoption, it does weigh on you. This is terrible. These animals were not starved, but they were absolutely, completely neglected.”

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